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Start in 1810 Kentucky
Joseph Shull
Sarah's Wright Family
Philip and Lydia Shull
Lydia Clark Shull
John Wesley Shull
Charles Ernest Shull
Dickinson Feeney Seely
Nelson Shull
Shull Girls
Josiah and Sarah Johnson
Shull Marriages
Phillip and Susannah Shull
Lewis Shull
James Henry Shull
Isaac Shull
Polly Cutbirth's Family
Frederick Scholl Shull
Lydia Shull Hayes
Land Patents
Joseph Shull Estate Settlement


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I grew up thinking that the name "SHULL" was rare.
Boy, was I ever wrong!
I was approaching senior citizen status before I learned different.

Several families of SHULL came to this country under names of: Scholl, Sholl.
Many of these families came to this country in the early 1700's.
Peter Jansen Scholl is reported to have been in New Amsterdam (New York) by 1660.

The book
"Scholl, Sholl, Shull Genealogy the Colonial Branches" by John William Scholl published in 1930's.
outlines several of these early SCHOLL / SHULL families
[for information on the book scroll to bottom of page]

The book "Shulls in America from 1790 - 1997" (Pub. 1997)
states that there were 4,504 Shull Households in U.S. in 1997.

The spelling SHULL, SCHULL, etc. eventually evolved from the original spellings for various reasons.
Shulls have been here a long time.
This site is primarily the family and descendants of Joseph F. Shull


I have included information on other Shull lines that might be and probably are related.

So check the site out and contact me if you have any corrections, questions or comments.
If for no other reason, contact me to let me know you are out there and interested.

Joseph's parents and siblings are a mystery to myself and other researchers.
Any information pertaining to Joseph and his family would be greatly appreciated.


Joseph first appears in Knox County Kentucky in 1810.

He is on 1810 Knox County Census along with Frederick, John and Phillip Shull
Kinship of these four has not been determined.

He appears on Knox County 1810 Tax List, but is not on prior tax lists.
Frederick, John and Phillip are on 1809 tax list. Joseph is not.
He was probably born in North Carolina or maybe Virginia
He was born between 1786 - 1794 according to 1810 census (age group of 16 - 24)

He married Polly Cutbirth, March 22, 1810, at Knox County, KY.
Children by this marriage are:
(Lovina b. 1811 TN ) ( Lucinda b. 1813 KY) (Nancy b. 1815 IN)

Joseph next shows up in Washington County Indiana by 1818.
No record found as to what became of Polly.

Joseph married Sarah Wright Johnson, March 19, 1818, Washington County, IN.
They were married by Phillip Shull, Justice of Peace
This is second marriage for both.
Children by this marriage are:
(Elizabeth Ann b. 07/07/1820 IN)(Philip b. 05/20/1822 IN)(Nelson b. 02/05/1824 IN)

Joseph was still in Washington County in 1824 - listed in Hoosier Journal of Ancestry
Joseph/Sarah moved to Nevins Township, Vigo County, IN between 1824 and 1830

They were in Vigo County, IN by December 1830
(see marriage of daughter Lucinda Shull McKee)

*They are not on the 1830 Vigo County census*
They are on 1840 census.

*There is a Joseph Shell on the 1830 Putnam County, IN census*
(see marriage of daughter Lovina Shull Goodman married in Putnam County April 1829)

Joseph has two land patents on record for Vigo Cty. dated 1837 and 1839.

Joseph died September 1846 Vigo County, IN
Sarah died 1849 Vigo County, IN
Washington County, IN cemetery book states Sarah is buried in Knox County, IN

A copy of Joseph's estate settlement is posted on this site.

I understand there is supposed to be a "pre-nuptial" type of agreement between
Joseph and Sarah stating her assets from her first marriage would go to her Johnson children.
I have been unable to find or confirm the existence of this document.

It is interesting to note that Sarah is not included in Joseph's estate settlement even though
he died three years before she did.
All six of his children are listed in the settlement.


Sarah married her first husband Josiah Johnson in 1796 in North Carolina.
Sarah/Josiah Johnson moved to Indiana Territory (Clark's Grant) in 1807.
They were among the earliest settlers in this area.
In Spring of 1809, with brother-in-laws James Allen(Delilah Wright) and Noah Fouts(Jane Caroline Wright),
they went to Washington County where they settled about two miles Southwest of Salem, Indiana.
Josiah died 1813 Washington County, IN.
They had (12) children.
Josiah was an uncle to Pres. Andrew Johnson (this according to a family biography)
Two of the Johnson children married SHULL(s)

(Nancy Johnson m. Lewis Shull)
(John Henry Johnson m. Malinda Shull)
(Malinda Shull is daughter of Phillip/Susannah Shull)(Parents of Lewis Shull unknown)

1810 Knox County Kentucky is earliest that Joseph, Phillip Shull can be documented

SPECULATION IS: that the four Shulls on 1810 Knox County, KY census are related,
[Frederick, John, Phillip and Joseph] How they are related is unknown. It is known that Joseph and Phillip were in Washington County, IN prior to 1818

The 1810 census had three sons for Frederick under age of 16.

There were four SHULLS in Washington County Indiana in the early 1820's.
Phillip Shull, Joseph Shull, Lewis Shull and Henry Shull
Kinship of these four has not been determined.
Parents of these four Shulls are unknown resulting in a "missing generation"

Phillip died 1820 Washington County, IN
Joseph died 1846 Vigo County, IN
Lewis died 1881 Hamilton County, NE
James Henry died 1853 Benton County, MO

More detailed information on these SHULLs available on this site.
make selection from "MENU" on left side of this page

A direct male descendant of each of the four Washington County, Indiana SHULL(s)
recently participated in a Y-DNA test.
Results were that all four matched in all markers tested.
This confirms that Phillip, Joseph, Lewis and James Henry were in fact related.
It does not tell us how they were related.

It is unknown what become of Frederick Shull and John Shull after 1810 Kentucky census
OR which of the several Scholl/Shull families they belong to.

Speculation on my part is that Frederick Shull, wife Sarah, that were in Lyles Creek area of Burke County, NC during time period 1779 - 1785 MIGHT be parents of four Shulls that were in Washington County, IN.
According to 1800 Burke County census they had eleven children. ( 6 boys ) ( 5 girls ).
I have been unable to locate anything further on this family.
It is possible but not documented that this Frederick Shull MIGHT be John Frederick Scholl/Shull born February 27, 1759, son of Phillip Henry Shull who was son of Frederick Scholl and Barbara Hertzell.
It is likely that this John Frederick Shull married twice. No information available on his first marriage.
His second marriage was to Catherine Chrisman. They had three sons: David Shull, Frederick Shull and Phillip Shull. David and Phillip are known to have settled first in Tennessee and later Mississippi.

Scholl, Sholl, Shull Genealogy the Colonial Branches
by: John William Scholl

Presently (Sept. 2007) available at:

The purpose of this site is to consolidate information on this Shull line into one location for the benefit of other researchers.
Information was compiled from various websites, census, message boards and from other researchers.
To the best of my knowledge the information is accurate.
But, as with any information relying on human input there are likely to be inaccuracies.

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