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Polly Cutbirth's Family
Start in 1810 Kentucky
Joseph Shull
Sarah's Wright Family
Philip and Lydia Shull
Lydia Clark Shull
John Wesley Shull
Charles Ernest Shull
Dickinson Feeney Seely
Nelson Shull
Shull Girls
Josiah and Sarah Johnson
Shull Marriages
Phillip and Susannah Shull
Lewis Shull
James Henry Shull
Isaac Shull
Polly Cutbirth's Family
Frederick Scholl Shull
Lydia Shull Hayes
Land Patents
Joseph Shull Estate Settlement

Polly Cutbirth's family

Polly married Joseph F. Shull in Knox County, Kentucky March 22, 1810
She was apparently deceased by 1818 at which time Joseph remarried in Indiana
Records, if any, as to where and when she died are unavailable at this time.

Name: Polly CUTBIRTH
Given Name: Polly
Surname: Cutbirth
Sex: F
Birth: Abt 1791 in North Caroline
Death: 1815 -1818

Father: Benjamin CUTBIRTH b: Abt 1765 in North Caroline
Mother: Salina CALLAWAY

Marriage 1 Joseph (F) SHULL
Married: 22 March 1810 in Knox County, Kentucky (Barbourville)


Cutbirth/ Cutberth / Cutburth Family Tree

Benjamin CUTBIRTH , Jr. (Polly's father)
Birth: ABT. 1764 in North Carolina
Death: 10 JAN 1848 in Des Moines Co., IA
Reference Number: 733

This information obtained from the following sources:
Carter Co., TN Tax List for 1796, Pges. 144 & 145:
Whitley Co. Tax List Summary, 1819-1850 P-Persons over 21/Taxable H-Horses
CUTBIRTH, Benj. 1819 Pg. 04 Ent. 14, 200 Acres Clear Fork, Ent. By; S. REED, P-1 H-3 $720
Cutberth, Benjamin, Junr. - 1 Poll
-----Wolf Creek Cemetery at Baptist Church, Whitley Co., KY: (From Gladys Treadway, taken from Cemetery
Records from Whitley Co., Cemeteries, KY, by C.M. Cornelius GC 976.901 W59co, Ft. Wayne, IN.)
J. Cutbirth, 1819-Apr 1840
Des Moines Co., IA, Deed Bk. 11, Pge. 36, 14 Sep 1846, filed for record 17 May, 1848: Benjamin Cutbirth
sells 80 acres to Solomon & Elias Cutbirth.
Des Moines Co., IA Probate Bk. A, Pge. 472, 19 Jan 1848: Solomon Cutbirth makes application for &
appointed administrator of Benjaimin Cutbirth's estate.
Des moines Co., IA Probate Bk. A, Pge. 538, 16 Feb 1849: Solomon Cutbirth presents accounting of estate of
Benjamin Cutbirth.
Des Moines Co., IA Deed Bk. 16, Pge. 473, 24 Nov 1851: Court sells 110 acres to Allen J. Hillhouse for
partition among heirs of Benjamin Cutbirth; Solomon Cutbirth, Polly Ann Walker, Elias Cutbirth, and minor heirs;
Rachel Cutbirth, John Cutbirth, Benjamin Cutbirth, Matilda Cutbirth, and Emily Cutbirth.

Father: Benjamin CUTBIRTH , Sr. b: ABT. 1740 in PA or VA
Mother: Elizabeth WILCOXSON b: in PA

Marriage 1 Salina CALLAWAY 1780 NC (Polly's mother) b. 1764 Rowan Cty., NC d. 1823 Morgan Cty., IN
Married: 7 APR 1789 in Ashe Co., NC
daughter of: Thomas Calloway and Jude Ann Moffitt


1. James CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1790 in North Carolina m. Lawrence, Jane <> 07/01/1940 ? (1840) Morgan Cty., IN
2. Polly CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1791 in North Carolina m. 03/22/1810 Joseph F. Shull Knox, Cty., KY
3. David CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1793 in Kentucky m. Wilson, Mary <> 02/14/1813 Knox Cty., KY
4. Sally CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1795 in Tennessee m. Irvin , John <> 02/10/1814 Knox Cty., KY
5. Jeremiah CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1803 in Kentucky
m.(1) Dicken, (Dekin) Mary <> 09/30/1823 Morgan Cty., IN b. 1800 KY d/o Joseph Dicken and Mary Sutton
m.(2) Jaimsy Pritchell April 25, 1835 Des Moines Cty., IA b. 1810
6. Rebecca CUTBIRTH b: 1805 in Kentucky m. Mundon, Levi <> 08/06/1824 Morgan Cty., IN
7. Nancy CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1807 in Kentucky m. Tanzei, Hiram <>5/18/1825 Morgan Cty., IN
8. Jane CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1809 in Kentucky m. Dewitt, Green <> 01/12/1830 Morgan Cty., IN
9. Unknown CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1810
10. Unknown CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1812

Marriage 2 Catherine CRUTCHFIELD b. 1784 d. 1846 Des Moines Cty., IA
Married: 1 MAR 1824 in Morgan Co., IN
daughter of George Crutchfield and Ann Patterson


1. Mary "Polly" CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1825 in Morgan Co., IN
2. Solomon CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1826 in Morgan Co., IN
3. Elias CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1828 in Morgan Co., IN m. Jackson, Rhoda 04/02/1848 DesMoines Cty., IA
4. Rachel CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1831 in Morgan Co., IN
5. John CUTBIRTH b: 28 OCT 1834 in Morgan Co., IN
6. Matilda CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1835 in Morgan Co., IN
7. Benjamin CUTBIRTH III b: 1837 in Oakland Co., MI
8. Emily CUTBIRTH b: ABT. 1840


Name: Benjamin CUTBIRTH, Sr

Birth: Abt 1740 in Augusta Cty., Virginia
Death: Abt 1817 in Maury Cty., Tennessee

Marriage: Elizabeth WILCOXSON b: Abt 1742 Lancaster Cty., PA d. 1815 Madison Cty., KY
daughter of John Wilcoxson and Sarah Boone
Married: Abt 1760 in Rowan Cty., NC


1. Daniel Boone CUTBIRTH, Sr. b: Abt 1762 in Rowan Co, NC died 1838 Giles Cty., TN
m. Elizabeth Coleman abt. 1784 b. 02/20/1763 VA d 04/04/1847 TN

2. Benjamin CUTBIRTH, Jr. b: Abt 1765 in North Caroline
m. (1) Salina Callaway d/o Thomas Calloway and Jude Ann Moffitt
(2) Catherine Crutchfield d/o George Crutchfield and Ann Patterson

3. Mary CUTBIRTH b: Abt 1770 in Rowan Cty., NC d. 12/17/1843 Ashe Cty., NC
m. Elijah Calloway 04/07/1789 Ashe Cty., NC b. 10/12/1769 d. 03/03/1843 Ashe Cty., NC
s/o Thomas Calloway and Jude Ann Moffitt

4. Sarah "Sally" CUTBIRTH b: Abt 1772
m. Joseph Wilson 08/27/1794 Washington Cty., TN d. abt. 1841 Washington Cty., TN
s/o John Wilson and Ann Luck

Thomas Calloway (jr.) b. 1737 d. 1827 m. Jude Ann Mofitt is s/o of
Thomas Calloway (sr.) b. 10/12/1700 d. 02/1800 and Mary Baker
is s/o Joseph Calloway, jr. b. 1661 Lunenburg Cty., VA
is s/o Joseph Calloway, Sr. b. 1640
is s/o Peter Calloway
Brother of Benjamin Cutbirth, Jr.

CUTBIRTH, Daniel Boone Sr
Birth: 1763.....................Place: Rowan County, NC
Marr: 1780/1785.......... Spouse:Elizabeth Betsy Cutbirth COLEMAN
Death: 1838/1843........Place: Giles/Lawrence,TN
Burial Place: Possibly in CampbellsvilleTN,Gibsonville Cemt
Father:Benjamin CUTBIRTH, Sr.
Mother:Elizabeth Cutbirth WILCOXEN


1-Benjamin CUTBIRTH
2-Elizabeth CUTBIRTH
3-Daniel Boone Jr CUTBIRTH
8-Sampson CUTBIRTH
10-Delilah CUTBIRTH
11-Delaney CUTBIRTH

info from Cochran web page

Indiana Marriages prior to 1850

Cutbirth Benjamin (jr) <> Crutchfield, Catherine <> 03/01/1824 <> Morgan County, IN
Cutbirth, James <> Lawrence, Jane <> 07/02/1940 (?) (1840) <> Morgan County, IN
Cutbirth, Jane <> Dewitt, Green <> 01/12/1830 <> Morgan County, IN
Cutbirth, Jeremiah <> Dekin, Mary <> 09/30/1823 <> Morgan County, IN
Cutbirth, Nancy <> Tanzey, Hiram <> 05/18/1825 <> Morgan County, IN
Cutbirth, Rececca <> Mundon, Levi <> 08/06/1824 <> Morgan County, IN

Cutbirth, Milton <> Stewart, Mary E. <> 02/11/1847 <> Putnam County, IN
Cutbirth, Savannah <> Haggard, Levi <> 01/20/1848 <> Hendricks County, IN.
Des Moines County, Iowa marriages
Culbirth, Jeremiah.........Pitchell, Jainsay........April 28, 1835
Cutberth, Elias............. Jackson, Rhoda.........April 02, 1848

Knox County, KY Marriages
CUTBEITH, Polly <> SHULL, Joseph <> 03/22/1810 <> Knox <> J Sullivan