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Start in 1810 Kentucky

Start in 1810 Kentucky
Joseph Shull
Sarah's Wright Family
Philip and Lydia Shull
Lydia Clark Shull
John Wesley Shull
Charles Ernest Shull
Dickinson Feeney Seely
Nelson Shull
Shull Girls
Josiah and Sarah Johnson
Shull Marriages
Phillip and Susannah Shull
Lewis Shull
James Henry Shull
Isaac Shull
Polly Cutbirth's Family
Frederick Scholl Shull
Lydia Shull Hayes
Land Patents
Joseph Shull Estate Settlement



1. SHULL, Frederick
on 1809/1810 Knox Cty., KY tax list and 1810 census
3 males under 16 and two adults (1m / 1f) listed on census
no other information

2. SHULL, John
on 1809/1810 Knox Cty., KY tax list and 1810 census
2 females under ten and two adults (1m / 1f) listed on census
no other information

3. SHULL, Phillip
on 1809/1810 Knox Cty., KY tax list and 1810 census
3 males, 1 female under ten, and two adults (1m / 1f )
date and place of birth and marriage unknown
....married to Susannah (maiden name unknown...possibly SAPP/GRAY)
moved to Washington County, Indiana prior to 1820

4. SHULL, Joseph F.
on Knox Cty., KY 1810 census
two adults (1m / 1f )
born probably 1789 in NC
....married Polly Cutbirth (d/o Benjamin Cutbirth, Jr.)March 22, 1810 by: J Sullivan. minister
had three daughters with Polly
moved to Washington County, Indiana prior to 1818

5. SHULL, Lydia
date and place of birth unknown
....married Joshua Hayes July 15, 1810 Knox County, KY by E. Foley or J Sullivan
died prior to 1820 at which time Joshua Hayes was in Washington County, IN
(what little information there is on Lydia has conflicting thing for sure is her marriage place/date)
Some transcriptions show marriage ceremony by E. Foley, others show J. Sullivan
Copy of actual marriage record needed to determine which is correct.

Lives of Polly Cutbirth Shull and Lydia Shull Hayes closely parallel starting in 1810.
Both were married same place, same year.
Both died between 1810 and 1820. (dates and places unknown)
Husbands of both moved to Washington Cty., IN and remarried.

SHULL(s) in WASHINGTON COUNTY, INDIANA (Salem area) in early 1820's

1. SHULL, Phillip *** from above
was Justice of Peace and cleared land for courthouse in Washington Cty., IN
Phillip died 1820 Washington County leaving Wife and 8 children
Susannah died 1823
John Sapp was named guardian of children
Phillip/Susannah's daughter Malinda married Joseph's step-son John Henry Johnson

2. SHULL, Joseph *** from above
...married Sarah WRIGHT Johnson (d/o Richard Wright, Jr,) March 19, 1818
in Washington Cty., IN (by Phillip Shull, Justice of Peace)
had one daughter and 2 sons with Sarah
second marriage for Sarah also, she had (15) fifteen kids between the two marriages
(Sarah's father had total of 22 children --two marriages)
Joseph died September 1846 Vigo County, IN (Terre Haute is county seat)
Sarah died 1849 Vigo County, IN

3. SHULL, Lewis
date and place of birth unknown
died March 6, 1881 Central City, NE
....married Nancy Johnson, Oct. 23, 1821 Washington County, IN
they had ten children
(Nancy is step-daughter of Joseph Shull)

4. SHULL, James Henry
reportedly born Sept 1795 NC
died July 02, 1853 Benton County MO
reported buried Mt. Herman aka Kirby aka Joplin cemetery on plat map at:
T39, R22, Sec 21 about 4 miles West of Fristoe, MO
....married Mary Jane "Polly" Short, November 06, 1823 Washington County, IN
had nine children with Polly
Polly died 1845 Benton County MO
....James Henry married Nancy L. Seevers July 09, 1848 Benton County MO
they had one child
Nancy apparently died shortly thereafter
....James Henry married Murica Jane Stewart July 27, 1849
they had one child


Isaac, Sr. is likely to be a brother to the four Washington County, IN Shulls
He settled in Vigo County, IN about same time as Joseph/Sarah Shull.


ISAAC SHULL,(JR) farmer and stock-grower, Nevins township, P.O. Rosedale, Parke County,
was born in East Tennessee, September 19, 1825, the fifth in the family of eight children of:
Isaac (Sr.) and Ellen ( Keeny ) Shull, former a native of North Carolina, latter of Tennessee.
(1. William ,1811) (2. Sarah, 1816 ) ( 3. Levina, 1819 ) (4. ) (5. Isaac Jr.,1825 ) ( 6. John, 1826 ) (7. Rebecca, 1828 ) (8. )
other than Isaac, Jr. all the others are speculation

They were of German and Irish descent.
The father, who was a farmer, came to this county from Tennessee about 1833,
and settled on the farm where Isaac was reared. Isaac, Sr. died in Vigo County in 1856.

Isaac Shull(Jr) received what little education he had in the old-fashioned log school-house, has made a success of farming,
and has performed a great deal of hard labor, all that he owns having been accumulated by honest toil.
He has 171 acres of well-improved and well stocked land.

Mr. Shull(JR) has now retired, and his sons, of whom he is very proud, attend to the farm, both being excellant farmers.
Mr. Shull has been twice married, the first time to Miss Mary, daughter of John McKee. *
She lived, however, but a short time after her marriage,
and he was then married to Miss Mary A., daughter of Benjamin and Catherine ( James ) Wiloughby,
which union has been blessed with seven children, four of whom are living -- two daughters and two sons, viz.:
Charles T(P). , born in Nevins township, August 1, 1863;
Benjamin S., born December 27, 1865, also in Nevins township;
Mary Belle, now the wife of Josephus Tarvin,and
Leora, who is at home

Both the sons are farmers and stock-growers, and both are Republicans in politics.
Mrs. Shull died in 1875, a member of the Christian Church.
Mr. Shull is a Republican, and is a member of the Republican party.

#5: son Isaac Jr., was born in East Tennessee 19 Sept 1825.